IllustrationFriday: creative fun- Tribute

word of week: Tribute

Ok, so It’s not an illustration from me.
I was feeling out the word- Tribute and thought of the project put together by the Jewish Family & Community Services- The JF&CS Parkinson’s Community Quilt.
My Dad had Parkinsons and died in 2010.
So my family got together to do a quilt square for this project.

I thought I’d share this special quilt square instead.

by Lisa-me, my sisters,my Mom, and our childen- bubbie’s grandchildren, and spouses.

This purple heart goes deeper than the visual image of it.

The heart represents the love of family.
The purple color was first chosen for purely esthetic reasons. But we soon found serendipity in our selection. We recalled that my Dad had been awarded a Purple Heart in conjunction with is service in the U.S. Army during WWII. Thus the design reflects also his strong love and commitment to both his family and his country.

The names on the heart are of three generations.

There’s a thread that weaves our lives and connects us all.

Thank you, Penelope

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