Putting Smiles on Faces

“Putting Smiles on Faces”

It can be so heart warming to do something that puts a smile on someone’s face.
Even more exciting is when one can put a smile on many peoples faces.

I had a recent opportunity where I did Face painting at an event.
The Event was an Open House at Horses Bring Hope therapeutic riding program.

I got organized at my table and painted the director’s daughter’s face.  Once others noticed the face painting table, they came over to have their daughter’s and son’s face painted.
I had a sheet of some images they could look at so they could choose which image they wanted.
I asked each child what they wanted.  Then I painted their face.
When I held up the mirror for them to see it,  a smile would light up on their face.
How wonderful a feeling to be able to put a smile on someone’s face.

We all want to be able to bring happiness to others.
We all have talents and gifts.  I believe we are meant to use our talents to serve others.
And in this case to bring a smile to someone’s face.


Lisa G.

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