Love is What We Need

Love Abounds

“Love is What We Need”

There’s that song by The Beatles ” All You Need Is Love “.
I know.  Just Another Love song.
Yet , What happens when Love is in the mix?

We should love ourselves first. We are then in a place to share that love with others.

We can feel love for someone special to us.  We can chose to create a life together.

We can be in love with doing something specific.
It can turn into a passion for doing work in the world, that in the end makes a difference.

Love brings people and things together, where fear and anger break them apart.
Love helps healing, where hate break us apart.

We can open up ourselves to someone, or something in the world when we turn toward it with love.

My husband was stationed years ago in Italy when he was in the military service.  One of the gifts he brought home to his family then were some beautiful animal rugs.
He held onto the one with Lions on it.
When we got married we hung the Lions in our livingroom.
One day he pointed out that the tails of each lion were each covered by a plant in the art work.  He wondered if the tails were close to each other or not.
That was one small detail left for the viewer to decide on.
So he asked me to do a painting of it but make it so one could see the tails.
So I did.

Here’s my painting of it.


Tails close to each other.
We were engaged at that time.
We’ve been married over 20 yrs now.  Through lifes ups and downs, love has helped us be open to each other and the possibilities.

Love is there.

Love is what we need.


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