Spring has sprung

Happy Spring

Spring has Sprung

First day of Spring was Monday, March 20.

I’ve been seeing some signs of spring.

I spotted some long, green leaves in the front near the bushes.  They look to be the daffidol leaves that I’ve gotten to know. So I’m looking forward to the next steps over the next couple of weeks, where the flower stem produces it’s blosom and it eventually opens.

Another wonderful event happened at the farm where I volunteer with a therapeutic riding program.
One of the boarders at the farm had a pregnant mare.
A horse’s gestation period is about 11 months.
Recently, She looked quite round and ready to foal.
She gave birth to her foal the day of the March 8th blizzard.
Babies are cute.  And this little foal was definitely very cute.
I enjoyed seeing the foal.

I’d seen some foals before.
Years ago, when I was taking riding lessons at Haskins Farm in Berkly, MA, they had a Quarter Horse stallion and breeding services.  They had one or two mares at the farm that were bred and had foals each year.
The students and I loved to go see the foals.  We’d peek in the stalls to have a look at foals.

One of the broodmares at the farm would later be placed in the riding program.  “Miss545” aka “Missy”.
I would get the chance to ride her in lessons and in the barn’s shows.  I loved riding and showing with her. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun.
She did get bred again to the stallion.  She had a filly, female foal.
Yet after that birth “Missy” developed a stifle problem, so was retired from the program.
She was sold to a good home.

Here’s a Pastel portrait of “Missy” and her filly.

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