Cherish the Memories

“Cherish the Memories”

This past month there were a few people we knew and loved, a brother-in-law’s father, a good friend, and step father-in-law that passed away.
Reminded, though we were sad, that we’re all connected.  Family and friends were there to support one another. We gathered to comfort and be present with each other.
There was talk of memories of the person passed.  Talking about the times we had together.  Remembering the moments that stood out for us.

We are mortals.
Each life is just a unit of time in space.

Yet there are some moments when we get a glimpse that we are connected to something much bigger than ourselves.
And so we can feel not so alone but a part of it all.

The below feature art work is a portrait I did years ago.
The pony had been the family pony.  Many little children got a ride on his back.
Their granddaughter would be at the farm on a show day and would eventaully get a ride on his back.
The pony was on in his years and they wanted a portrait to remember him with.

I did this portrait of “Oliver” with their granddaughter on him.

Feature Art/Product:


“Oliver and his Young Rider”

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