Note Joy

“Note Joy”

In dark times we can find ourselves wondering and feeling anxious.
Yet we can note things that make us feel joyful, even in a small way, to help us move forward.

My daughter and I like to go bird watching.
We have a feeder in our yard and so we can watch and note the different birds that come to the feeder.

We also like to go to parks and scenic places.
One place we like going to is Blackstone Bike Path near Albion Falls. The water Fall is soothing to listen to as the water rushes over the dam. A walk down the bike path takes you to a section where the river is slower moving. In little openings in the trees we can spy to see and find birds.
One day we stopped for a few minutes at one of the little openings in the trees. It was about late summer and the brush was still thick.
Yet at one point I noticed some brown and a little white just above a bush.
I said quietly, “Did I see what I think I saw or was it my imagination.”
My daughter said, ” I saw it too.”
What was it?
Well it was brown and a little white like a deer’s tail. So it must of been some deer behind the bush.
It must of noticed us and moved off. We saw just a glimpse of it moving off.
How cool.
On another walk there, we were walking along talking. We heard some birds flying over. We looked up to see a flock of Starling fly over the trees. Their bodies darkly silhouetted against the blue sky. A few more Starling in a second flock flew over a moment later. We felt such joy in seeing them flying together above us.
My daughter wondered how it must be to be a bird: To fly anywhere high above.

Currently the weather is getting colder.
Yet there are still things to note.
It snowed the other night. The snow gently falling and gathering on the ground.

Note Joy.

Best Wishes for this Holiday Season.


Deer scratch board

Deer scratch board

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