A Piece Out in the World

“A Piece Out in the World”

I am an artist.  I create.  I collaborate.  I share my art with others.

These statements have held true for me and show up in my life.

Enter my EQUUS mask.

I have written about my “EQUUS” horse masks before. It seems I get to write about it again.  The story continues.
There is a continuing journey filled with opportunities that show up.  Opportunities that need to be considered and acted on.

In this case: William Shakespeare’s   “Midsummer  Night’s Dream”

Our Friend, Brian, is involved in directing “Midsummer Night’s Dream”  in Malden, MA with the Oak Grove Improvement Association.   They have set up a series of “Theater in the Parks” for the month of July.

My  family is involved.  I am the graphic artist, and my kids are playing the little fairies. (too cute)

“Midsummer Night’s Dream” has a play within the play.  One character wears a donkey mask. So there was a need to have a donkey mask.  So one of my EQUUS masks was modified accordingly to be a donkey mask.  Cool, yes.

The thing about my EQUUS masks that is interesting to me is that this art work has endured.
I created 6 EQUUS masks in 2000 for Ubiquity stage’s production of “EQUUS”.  They are masks/ props.
A lot of props go to the way side after a production.  Yet not these masks.
Over the years these masks have been used in 2 plays, one Halloween costume, and 1 art exhibit.  And now another play added.  A friend mentioned the word “Enduring”.  hmmmm

How is this?
This is something to ponder.

Perhaps I should just enjoy each opportunity as it comes.

I’ve enjoyed the events and connections along the way.

I look forward and wonder  what’s ahead.

I feel a commitment  to share my art with the world.

My EQUUS mask as Bottom’s donkey mask in “Midsummer Night’s Dream”

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Art  News
“William Shakespear’s Midsummer Night’s Dream”
presented by Malden Shakespear Project
Oak grove Improvement Association
Saturdays in July at 5:30 P.M.
Le Cadeau du Cheval

Le Cadeau du Cheval

Several artists in the Equine Art Guild were a part of this unique tribute to the horse. Click on the image above to read all about it and the artists who participated in it’s creation, as well as see where it will be coming to a location near you in the coming year!
Soldier Portraits
Darla Dixon organized a group of artists who will create no-charge compassionate portraits for the families who have lost a loved one in Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom. We are looking for artists to join our efforts, and also for non-artists who will help spread the word about this free service and token of our gratitude to families who have sacrificed so much.”

For more information, contact Darla (darla@darladixon.com) or visit SoldierPortraits.org.


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