Play, Rest, Play, Rest

“Play, Rest, Play, Rest”

Author and coach Martha Beck talks about Play and Rest in her book “Finding Your Way in a Wild New World”.  It’s about being open to possibilities.  Then savoring and resting with moments of joy.

Summer is a great time to do things when school is out and schedules seems more open.

This summer our girls had a chance to be involved in a play.  The Oak Grove Improvement Association” of Malden put together a Play in the Parks event. The play was “Midsummer Night’s Dream”.  There was a need for little fairies so our girls were recruited.  It was fun to see them learn and play and be a part of a theatrical project.

Years ago my husband had been involved with a community theater.

I enjoy plays too.

When our friend, Brian, co-owned a small theater company in the late 90’s, we got involved.  We helped out with the ticket booth and concession stand.  Occasionally I did some art work for a couple of the play’s promotional materials.

It was fun to be able to get involved again.
I did some art work for promotion of the play.  And our girls got a chance to learn and perform in a play.

It was a great experience.  We feel very proud and grateful.

Play and Rest.

Feature Art/Product

Midsummer Night’s Dream” graphics.
Donkey and Fairies for play’s promotional materials.

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