Something to See

My recent bird sightings:
Canada Geese with Goslings
Mallard Ducks with Ducklings
Black Crowned Night Heron
American Robins
Chimney Swifts
Red Winged Black Birds
Mute Swans
Great Blue Heron

I’ve also seen:
Cotton Tail Rabbit
Napping Turtle

One time at dusk, my daughter and I saw bats flying about the tree tops at
Blackstone Park.

There’s always something to see.


Just Ducky” Pastel 11x 14

Art News

β€œThe Horse Giftβ€œ
Several artists in the Equine Art Guild were a part of this unique tribute to the horse. Click
on the image above to read all about it and the artists who participated in it’s creation, as
well as see where it will be coming to a location near you in the coming year!

Soldier Portraits
Darla Dixon organized a group of artists who will create no-charge compassionate
portraits for the families who have lost a loved one in Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation
Enduring Freedom. We are looking for artists to join our efforts, and also for non-artists
who will help spread the word about this free service and token of our gratitude to families
who have sacrificed so much.”
For more information, contact Darla ( or visit

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